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Burilli s ulcer. Miss A. Édith s operation

Miss A. Edith

Miss A. Edith is a 2nd year law student.

She was operated on at the Don Orione Center by Dr. Nonsia.

Presenting a Burulli ulcer at 3 years old with lesions in the lower limbs (affected left hip, arthrodesis of the left lower limb performed, 180° pronation of the left foot, invalid right limb, insensitivity of the right upper limb and right foot) she was operated on the same site as 22 years ago!!

The sequelae due to this terrible infection did not alter his future determination. Enjoyed loving life today at 25 years old she aspires to walk.

Recommended by the Association les Enfants d’Emmanuel, we, NGO ASA, approached SOACI, CONTINENTAL Shipping, RER, PROLINE LOGISTICS, AITEK Solutions, SIPPI and the friends and brothers of the SOUTH EAST to have her operated under decent conditions.

Once the operation is completed, she will be able to recover the use of both legs (the left leg has already rotated more than 90°, the right toes have regained their mobility)

Three months later

  • Rehabilitation in progress.
  • Left foot fully healed.
  • 180° recovery.

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